2022 highlights

Increased share of women in senior positions from 22% in 2021 to 30% in 2022
Providing a safe and inclusive working environment with a global safety culture

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Responsible Employer


We are committed to becoming an employer of choice and creating valuable relations with all our stakeholders. We want to be an attractive company and a great place to work for all our employees and contractors. To deliver on this vision, we focus on embedding the company culture, streamlining the organizational design, supporting our leaders and attracting, developing and retaining our talent.

Health & Safety

Safety is our license to operate. Our health and safety mission is to ensure that everyone can return home safely after a working day by:

  • providing a safe working environment and safe tools for our employees and partners,
  • developing the capabilities to reduce the exposure and potential for injury.

In 2021, we started our ‘Care to be Safe’ journey with the vision to develop a culture defined by creating trust and accountability through developing a greater team spirit and a collective ownership of caring for one’s self and each other. This ambition is realized through our daily activities, operational or commercial, through line management and supported by the corporate HSE function and local HSE teams.

Since then we have:

  • developed annual safety plans at all sites combining global and site-specific targets and activities. Progress is monitored through a central monitoring system,
  • implemented the global HSE tool Synergi Life
  • started corporate HSE audits in order to assess the maturity and performance of all DOMO sites and to support the sites while sharing and exploring best practices during the audits, implemented a global incident reporting
  • system for both employees and contractors based on the US OSHA standard.

Celebrating our ‘Care to Be Safe’ Achievements


In 2022, we introduced the Care to Be Safe award to recognize the efforts of the sites to drive this corporate safety initative at the site level. Our Care to Be Safe was launched in 2021 to develop an interdependent and comprehensive corporate safety culture. Our Care to be Safe journey ensures that health and safety is embedded in our everyday working lives and conversations and remains front and center on everyone’s agenda.

A key element of our interdependent safety culture is to acknowledge and celebrate achievements in health and safety. The first Care to Be Safe award was won by our Spanish site in Blanes. The Gorzow, Valence and Premnitz sites each received a category award for exemplary achievements.

Safety Results - Leading Indicators

Systematic application of tools to develop safety leadership and employee engagement

We closely monitor and report on a variety of targets related to our ‘Care to be Safe’ journey across all our sites. These include ‘walk-observe-communicate’ and systematic inspections, closure of "life saving rules" non-conformances, and reporting on near misses and critical situations. In 2022 we achieved a ‘green’ score of >80% at all but one of our sites.

DOMO Premnitz

Engaging with our employees

As a responsible employer, we value engaging with our employees. Recognizing the importance of this two-way
dialogue, we launched our first Pulse Check – an engagement and enablement survey - in 2022 and recently gathered results from the second survey. We utilize these surveys as a means to gather insights into the perception of our employees on DOMO as a company and an employer.


Our people’s feeling of being part of and included in their team (+14% vs first survey results).
Working conditions as an enabler for our people to do their job well increased by 4% compared to the first survey results.
Our people’s level of energy at work has slightly increased (+1%) compared to the first survey results.

Results of our employee survey

We have also set measurable objectives to track our progress. In the recent survey, we exceeded all of our 2022 targets for participation rate, engagement, inclusion and energy, by 7%, 1%, 11% and 1% respectively. Our people value what is related to their own job and close work environment (stable compared to first survey results).


Listening and Responding to our Employees

A key finding from last year’s Pulse Check results was the need for more dialogue and connection between our employees and management. In response, we have implemented connect sessions where our employees have the opportunity to interact informally with senior management. Our CEO, Yves Bonte, also broadcasts messages to all employees every month, providing business related updates and insights into our current business context.

In 2022, recognition events were organized in all our sites to acknowledge and show appreciation for key achievements across our departments, while we created and implemented a DOMO Teamleader’s Playbook which gives insight into best practices linked to key leadership responsibilities such as effectively managing teams or making important and challenging business decisions.

In 2022, we also laid the foundation for a global Employee Assistance Program which will help our employees and their families with mental health support, legal advice and counselling.

In addition, we have formalized the remote working policy that was first implemented during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic; in doing so, we give our employees the space and flexibility to define their working conditions in support of a healthy work and life balance.

Employees Supporting the Community

Caring is our formula, also when it comes to supporting communities in need. We believe in the power of our employees and provide a platform for employees who want to dedicate time and effort to supporting people in need. In 2022, our sites in Poland, Spain, Italy and Belgium organized a local collection campaign to support the Ukraine war victims. At many sites, employees also participated in sports events that collected funds for charitable causes, like Oncobike in Spain and the Merseburg Charity Run in Germany.

In addition, our colleagues in Blanes (Spain) organized local events to educate children - especially girls - on chemistry in a playful way, thus investing in fostering diversity and inclusion.

Fostering diversity, equity and inclusion

We value creating a diverse and equitable workplace for our employees that promotes inclusivity and belonging. We believe that having a diverse team means that we enable different perspectives and more creative solutions for our company and industry.

Diversity in Numbers

We currently exhibit a 3:1 ratio of male to female employees at DOMO. Although we have a high proportion of male workers in our exempt population, due to the large number of manual labor tasks which are required, this imbalance is also seen across the entire organization. As seen on pages 14-15, we are addressing this with targets – particularly about our leadership positions.

We are committed to increasing gender diversity and reaching 35% of women in our senior positions by 2030. In 2022, we continued to make positive and conscious progress towards this, increasing from 22% to 28% of women occupying senior management positions over the last year.


In 2022, we updated our hiring policy to align with our values of caring for diversity, equity and inclusion.

We select, recruit, develop and support people solely based on their professional capability and qualifications, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, nationality, class, color, age, sexual identity, disability, religion, marital status or political opinion. This also applies to the selection of internal talent.

We do not tolerate any forms of discrimination or harassment. To mitigate this, we have our whistleblowing procedure in place. In the past year, as we have previously mentioned, we have partnered with Speak Up to have an external reporting mechanism in place. This mechanism covers any discrimination and/ or harassment incidents as well. We are pleased to report that we have no reported cases of such incidents in 2022, in doing so achieving our target.

Silvia Lopez

Attracting & Retaining talent

We are operating in an extremely competitive and tightening labor market. Our ability not only to attract the best talent in our industry but ensure we retain and benefit from their skills, experience and knowledge is a key driver of both our sustainability and business agenda. We contiuously work on providing a great working environment for our employees. We have committed to redefining our abseentism target this year to reflect the post-COVID working scenario.

Retaining talent

Performance & Development

We take pride in our continuous journey of evolving, and we share this sentiment in every aspect of our work. Our performance and development cycle is one of the ways we showcase how this resonates with our employees. Conducting performance evaluations and delivering development plans, benefits both us as DOMO and our employees by facilitating:

  • Greater focus on company goals and working on them according to our DOMO Values,
  • Growth and development for employees in their current roles,
  • Preparation for future roles they are interested in,
  • Enhanced recognition, value & reward for effective contribution.

Since developing our improved performance and development process we have implemented a total of five Human Resource Information System (HRIS) modules.

These modules help us in ensuring that we cover different elements of Human Resources in an even more encompassing manner that is aligned with the values of DOMO. In addition,
in 2022, we implemented Employee Central, Performance, Career and Succession modules, in addition we did a pilot for an onboarding module in Belgium.

As a part of our development plans, we encourage our employees to pursue learning opportunities. In 2022, we laid the foundations for our e-learning platform which will offer numerous virtual training possibilities for our employee base, to ensure that employees can take ownership over their professional development combined with our full support.


Apprenticeships in Germany

In Germany, we participate in the VET Dual vocational training scheme. This system offers young people flexibility in choosing their academic and professional careers. In 2022, we hired seven chemist apprentices, one industrial clerk apprentice and one chemical laboratory assistant.

This dual training plan allows for these apprentices to complete 70% of their training at DOMO and the remaining 30% at their school. This initiative has allowed DOMO to engage with the local population, provide apprenticeship opportunities to young professionals and increase the chance for future employment of highly skilled apprentices.

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