Looking forward

Looking forward to our 2023 achievements 

Our 2022 Sustainability Report summarizes a full year of achievements and our inspiring sustainability journey continues, together with you our stakeholders. 

In 2023, we will continue to be guided by our DOMO Beyond framework, to identify those projects and possibilities that can and will have an impact within each of our three sustainability pillars. Our main focus remains on progressing on our decarbonization roadmap, partnering to develop sustainable and circular solutions and offering a safe and inclusive work environment for our employees.


CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) and EU Taxonomy regulations By aligning this report with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting requirements, we have taken concrete steps toward CSRD compliance. In 2023, we aim to act upon identified gaps in our current reporting practices.
Double materiality assessment In 2023, DOMO will undertake a double approach to materiality, assessing both the impact of sustainability topics on the financial viability of our business, and considering the impact we are having on people and planet.
Strengthen the ESG monitoring, reporting and steering approach across all regions In 2023, we aim to create a company-wide and geographically aligned approach to governing, monitoring, and reporting on sustainability issues. Our ambition is to include all entities in this process, to ensure that our future KPIs cover our perfluorochemicals (PFC) consumption via increasingly circular solutions in our portfolio
Compliance roadmap deployment including risk management and controls In 2022 we validated our new compliance framework; in 2023 we will begin deploying and rolling out this framework across our business to bring greater alignment and robustness to our internal processes, including risk management.
Decarbonization considering the new EU ETS (Emissions Trading System) and CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) impact We will calculate our scope 3 (indirect, value-chain related) GHG emissions for the first time in 2023. In addition, our GHG emissions strategy will align with current EU Green Deal initiatives through which we will aim to reduce carbon leakage risks and comply with the EU ETS to further drive emission reductions.
Continue to gain third party rating and certification recognition for our sustainability progress By September 2023, we aim to have the ISCC PLUS certification completed for our plants in Leuna, Gorzow and Arco, in collaboration with Circularise, ensuring traceability and responsible sourcing of biomass-based feedstock.
Progressing on health and safety We will strive for greater employee engagement at the local level to spread our health and safety objectives across the whole organization, close gaps through formation sharing and support, and coach and upskill our leadership teams as part of our ‘Care to be Safe’ journey.

Through these endeavors, we aim to deliver on our commitment of transparency, which in turn allows us to enact fact-based decision making and an ability to show our stakeholders the sustainability impact of our business decisions. As a result, we can use these outcomes to further shape our strategy and overall business transformation.


As our CEO Yves Bonte stated in his video, huge possibilities come through partnership and collaboration; we truly believe that we can achieve much more together.

So, allow me to invite you to join us on our inspiring journey towards a sustainable future. Can we count on your support?

Dr Bouchra Caret-Rhers
Sustainability Director

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