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Corporate governance

Recognizing the need to evaluate and steer our sustainability activities on a strategic corporate level, we have implemented our own sustainability framework (DOMO Beyond) with dedicated resources and governance roles and responsibilities.

While accountability for our sustainability strategy ultimately starts from the top of our company, we take an all-encompassing approach to sustainability throughout our entire employee base.

Our sustainability champions– supported by our Extended Leadership Team and the Corporate Sustainability Team - encourage everyone at DOMO to contribute to our sustainability roadmap.

At ExCom level, sustainability is kept on the agenda on a recurring basis:

  • Quarterly review and approval of the sustainability roadmap and targets, and the materiality matrix,
  • Quarterly cross-functional sustainability review to evaluate global challenges and megatrends and set mid and long-term goals to initiate projects and  activities in the field of sustainability.

DOMO Board of Directors

Corporate Sustainability Team

The Corporate Sustainability Team deals with all sustainability issues that are relevant to the company.

This includes, for example:

  • establishing the company policy, strategy and standards,
  • coordinating and monitoring its implementation,
  • designing, implementing and optimizing our DOMO Beyond framework,
  • providing information and advice to DOMO sites and functions on regulatory, environmental and safety matters,
  • monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Facilitating cross-functional collaboration.

Sustainability Champions

A dedicated team of Sustainability Champions from sites, functions and business units drives the execution of this strategic framework and oversees regional-led initiatives. These champions embody the company-wide spirit and ambition toward achieving our sustainability agenda.

Sustainability Champions

Sébastien Plouchart
Catherine Weyne
Loïc Piriou, Alicia Dostes
Jean-Philippe Bertrand
Izabela Jasiukiewicz
Alexandra Berthoud
Susanne Winterstein
Cassandra Scholliers
Marcel Müller
Thierry Charbonneaux
Silvano Furlani,
Linda Bottes
Fanny Chavaux
Tidus Chen


DOMO Executive Committee

Ethical business conduct

Our compliance framework provides a structured approach to managing compliance as a component of overall enterprise risk management.

We focus on the intersection between each of the components of our framework and key compliance drivers:

  • anti-corruption and anti-bribery,
  • anti-money laundering,
  • data privacy and protection,
  • trade,
  • anti-competitive practices,
  • conflicts of interest,
  • fraud.

Through our Speaking Up policy, embedded in our Company Code of Conduct, we have created a channel to report potential wrongdoings and enhanced our ability to evaluate and address reported incidents or allegations of illegal or unethical behavior.

In relation to governance and accountability for our compliance framework, we have created a dedicated compliance function within our Legal department to assist with implementation and execution. This function reports directly to our Chief Legal Officer, while our Chief Industrial Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer are also directly involved in ensuring compliance with regulations within their respective functions. Overall, we make sure there is close collaboration and partnerships across our functions to ensure compliance is effectively measured, monitored and managed.

“Our compliance roadmap places us at a competitive advantage to
many of our peers, as we are already aligned with upcoming regulations
and legislation that in time will become a business reality.”
Bernard de Vos
Chief Legal Officer

Anti-Corruption & Bribery, Anti-Competitive Practices

Our Code of Conduct gives clear guidance to our employees on how to navigate the risks related to bribery and corruption. In 2022, we optimized and improved our policies and procedures, organized mandatory additional training for our employees on the topic and developed enhanced tools for reporting concerns and monitoring these issues. In doing so, we have managed to increase the awareness and capacity of everyone at DOMO to mitigate the risks involved with these key ethics topics.

In addition to corruption and bribery, we also guide our employees on how to comply with expectations and legislation relating to anticompetitive practices. In 2022 we continued to host mandatory training sessions on the topic.


Being a partner of choice also implies having the required certifications in place. At DOMO we certify our sustainability management systems according to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, the world’s most recognized management system standards.

We have also certified our operations against rigorous environmental, energy, quality, and health and safety standards. We also hold International Automotive Task Force (IATF) 16949 certifications for our Premnitz, Gorzow and Belle-Étoile sites, confirming our commitment to delivering the highest quality management system standards, required by the automotive industry.


Code Standard for Operations Coverage
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System 64%
ISO 50001 Energy Management System 45%
ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System 60%
ISO 9001 Quality Management System 100%

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