Sustainability Journey

Our ambition

We are on this inspiring journey together - with our employees, customers, suppliers and partners – to deliver on the ambitions we have set in each of the three pillars of our sustainability framework: Planet Care, Partner of Choice and Responsible Employer. These pillars are shaped by the outcome of our continuous materiality assessment.

Our journey continues

At DOMO we believe that the true measure of success lies in our ability to act today, while keeping a clear view on our horizon: being decisive about what we should and can deliver now that will materialize tomorrow.

2022 progress towards our 2030 objectives

Our three key pillars

Yearly Self-Assessments

We assess our performance with a pragmatic scoring methodology which ranks our business units from being knowledgeable about
their performance to being recognized as the benchmark for each ESG topic. The results of these assessments are discussed during our quarterly management updates, and concrete plans for improvement flow from this assessment. We are proud to state that our sites increased their performance by an average of 30% in 2022 as compared to 2021. 

Cover Report

DOMO Sustainability Report

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